Scotland Artist-in-Residence Application 
This application is for the Spring 2021 Scotland week-long Residency. 
If you would like to also be put on the wait-list for the Spring 2020 Residency, please check that box in your application. 

The Scotland Art Residency is open to all creative people! All mediums may apply, including but not limited to photographers, writers, musicians, painters, jewelry artists, mosaic artists, fabric arts, etc. - however please keep in mind that there is NO traditional studio, and you MUST be prepared to create your own creative space (indoors or out) and avoid any art production that could cause even the smallest damage to the castle. This means bring drop clothes if you plan to paint!- and NO glitter! This is a large castle, and there will be no shortage of places to create both inside the castle and out.

APPLICATION DEADLINE; Early Deadline: December 30, 2019 ($20) and Final Deadline March 1, 2020 ($30).
Administration fee is due upon competition of the application. If you are a RETURNING ARTIST there is NO FEE. 
If you have applied before, there is also NO FEE for additional applications! 

Acceptance Notification by April 15, 2020


This application is for the 2021 Residency. Would you also like to be put on the wait-list for Spring 2020?

Are you applying as a couple or a team?

If applying as an artist team, will you want to share a room together?

Do you have a social media link or website?

Would you prefer a private or shared room? Shared rooms will have artists of the same gender.

If you selected "shared room" or "doesn't matter" above, please choose which gender you identify as.

Will you be playing a musical instrument? If yes, that's fine! But you will need to be placed into a private room.

Have you applied before? - remember that if you have submitted an application previously, your application fee is waived!

Will you be attending the optional one-day glass mosaic class?

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