Fees and Payments

Fees below are for the full week. 

Private Bedroom, Ensuite: $825.00
Shared Rooms, Ensuite: $525- $650.00

Shared Rooms: Choosing which bed and which room artists will have will be done completely at random, unless you are applying as an artist team.  Smaller shared rooms will be $525 per person, and the larger shared rooms will be $650 per person. The only exception to the "random" rule would be if you have a financial preference for the less expensive room. Please note that in your application! 

All shared rooms have just one additional artist, with the exception of one room which has 2 additional artists. Shared rooms will be all the same gender, unless you are applying as an artist team and wish to share a room. 


Price of your room/bed is due upon acceptance of your application. 
Transportation to and from the castle are your responsibility.

There is an optional one-day glass mosaic class, given by myself, Amanda Edwards. The class runs approximately 6 hours, and includes all supplies. The fee for the class is $265 per person. 

Other possible off-site, one-day classes off site are: glass blowing, working with pastels, watercolor basics. Details on classes available during your residency will be available within 4 months of your residency dates.