It's castle time!

Fife, Scotland Artist Residency

March 16th - March 23rd, 2020

No spaces left! Contact me for the wait list!

About the Castle & the program

First sited in the 12th century, the castle has been the location of secret Scottish parliaments, military sieges, and safe haven for escapee monarchs (James Vi in 1583). The castle became a ruin in the 19th century. In 1992 it was bought and rebuilt by the current owner who worked hard to restore the castle to it's original medieval character, with all the comforts of a modern family home. Located close to St. Andrews (15 minutes drive) and Edinburgh.

It has been a life-long dream of mine to create art in magical places with other artists. I decided that it was time to stop dreaming, and to make it happen! The venue may change from year to year, but you can always be certain that it will be absolutely dreamy, and in a country that has captured my heart & makes me swoon: Scotland. Pricing will be as little as I can make it! This is not a money making venture. I want artists to be able to do something that is so often only for a select few.

This residency is not based on skill, art career, medium, or whether or not you are a professional artist. To apply for the residency the only criteria is that you love art, and have a desire to create it! All mediums may apply! - however please keep in mind that there is NO studio, and you MUST be prepared to avoid any art production that could cause even the smallest damage to the castle. This means drop clothes if you plan to paint!- and NO glitter! No matter where future residencies may be, you can be guaranteed that there will be many outdoor spots to create!

Things to Note/Important Information for 2020 artists!

You must arrange your own transportation to and from the Castle.

This is a very old castle. There are spiral staircases, and many of the bathrooms have stand-alone claw-foot tubs. As such, it may not be a good fit if you have mobility issues.

IMPORTANT! If you reserve a room/bed and would like to cancel, there will only be a refund if the room/bed can be reserved by someone else. 

This a a creative retreat open to all art forms/mediums! For some people, that will mean they want quiet, peace, and reflection. Others will want to be social with the other artists. Both are fine! It's just important to remember to respect what each person wants out of their retreat. There are ZERO expectations for people to hang out, be social or not social, or even to leave their rooms! This is YOUR amazing Scottish Art Retreat! The only thing expected is for you to have a week to be your creative, wonderful self!

It is understood that this retreat is a way for artistic people to spend a week in a highly inspiration location at a minimal cost! By reserving a room or bed, you understand that although many of the participants may indeed end up touring the area together, you are under NO obligation to do anything at all!  


  • There is NO smoking anywhere on the castle grounds! This includes e-cigarettes. 

  • As a shared space, please leave the rooms as you find them. 

  • You are responsible for all your meals. There is a kitchen, so cooking at the castle is a wonderful way to save money! 

  • There will be quiet time for shared bedrooms from 10 PM to 9 AM. This doesn’t mean go to sleep of course, but it does mean that if you are awake and chatting, please be considerate of the other people staying in the castle. All of the communal rooms in the castle (Great Room, Living Room, Kitchen, etc) will be available to use 24 hours a day!

  • *If you are staying in  a shared room, you must bring a book light and headphones, because 10 PM will be lights out in the shared rooms if your roommate is sleeping. Of course everyone is welcome in the communal spaces 24 hours a day! So, if you can’t sleep, there will be plenty of places to hang out!*

  • Shared rooms will be only 1 person to a bed, even if the bed you reserve is a double or king size.

  • Shared rooms will be all female. - sorry men! The exception to this is if you and a friend, spouse, or partner rent all beds in a room.

  • If you are using paints, you must bring drop clothes with you. You are responsible for any damage that your art medium causes, and we do not want to damage this amazing castle in ANY way. There will be MANY places on the grounds for painting outdoors! 
  • Absolutely NO glitter!

On the 2nd to last evening, there will be an OPTIONAL private showing of the work you created during your week. It will be a cheese and wine event! Even if you don't wish to participate, all are of course invited!

To be put on the waiting list, or to be notified when the 2021 Residency is announced, fill out this form!